Understanding How a Binary Options Strategy Works

A binary option is a type of option that yields the same results or payouts similar to gambling. This means that the payout results have two different types. The payout can be either a win or a loss. This type of option is cash-settled and can only be traded on its date of expiration. Binary options are relatively easier to understand than traditional options. However, it is important to know at least a binary options strategy in order to maximize your possible payouts.

The Different Types of Binary Options Strategies:

One binary options strategy is different from another. Each strategy has a different method as well as outcome. Therefore, it is imperative to learn at least one or two to be able to prevent you from ending up with nothing. You can check the binary options strategy list included below:-

Forex Trading Strategy:

This type of options strategy uses the Bollinger bands as well as the ADX indicator. These tools help determine which type of investment is profitable. It involves monitoring the movement of prices relative to the Bollinger bands. If the price levels touch the lower part of the bands, it indicates that you have to invest upward. However, if the prices touch the higher band, you should invest downward. The ADX indicator restricts the areas where you can trade. Preferably, you should invest in markets that have and ADX score below 30 and preferably lower than 20.

5 Minutes Compressed Spring’s Pattern Strategy:

Another options strategy is the 5 Minutes Compresses Spring’s Pattern Strategy. This involves understanding the movement of the spring that reduces and then expands every 5 minutes. It refers to the elastic behavior of prices. It monitors the dynamics of price changes in order to determine the kind of investments to place your money.

Forex Economic Calendar Strategy:

This type of options strategy involves the use of an economic calendar. You need to select the news that led to the rise of more volatility. Each news should contain four important data, which includes a volatility degree of the target currency, publish date and hour of the news, and previous result as well as previous result. Then, you have to determine if the news is positive, negative or neutral. A positive news is when the relevant currency is in the place of a numerator and has an open upward position. This will lead you to invest downward. Contrary to positive news, negative news immediately opens in a downward position. If this happens, you have to invest upward. Lastly, if the news is neutral, it is advisable to stop investing because they are all negative.

RSI High-Low Strategy:

The RSI High-Low Strategy is said to be a newbie-friendly binary options strategy that is very easy to learn. It is a binary options strategy that involves the use of RSI (14) to be able to trigger signals in order to determine the kind of investments to invest. It sets RSI (14) levels to 30 and 70. The call entry indicates that you should call if the RIS (14) crosses below the RSI (14) level 30 and then goes back up again. Meanwhile, the put entry indicates that you should put if the RSI (14) crosses above the RIS (14) and then goes back down again.

Following a certain strategy does not guarantee winnings. However, it helps increase your chances of maximizing your potential profits. Therefore, it requires thorough research as well as knowledge in order to turn all odds in your favor.

Why Do People Prefer Binary Options For some investors, investing in binary options is enticing because of their many benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to the following:-


Binary options are simple because they involve guessing if something will occur or not.

Quick Earnings:

This type of investments enables you to react immediately, once you have seen something is going to happen or not. You can place your investments in a few minutes after you have heard some improvements about a certain asset.

When it comes to trading binary options, it is not enough to learn a binary options strategy. It also requires a great amount self-discipline as well as patience in order to increase your payouts successfully. It is important to have the patience to wait for an investment that could yield greater profits because any drastic decision can make or break your investment.

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